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  1) Your patient is sat in the chair, but the work is still sat in the lab.


  2) The lab weren't sure what you wanted them to make, so they made any old thing instead of double checking with you.


  3) You like your crowns made a certain way, but the lab ignores your instructions or “forgets” what you told them.


  Is this something you experience, and on a regular basis? Do you feel like just another faceless “account”? Are you wasting valuable chairtime when you find the patient's crowns are missing? Are you writing instructions only for the lab to ignore them?


  These are common issues that dentists like you face every day. Chairtime is your most valuable asset, and I will not waste it.


  There are two basic sorts of lab:


  1) Large labs that offer low prices and rely on volume, they may even be sending the crowns they supply offshore to China or India. These "big box" labs are often run by managers with no lab background, who see dental restorations as another commodity. They have a high turnover of customers, and little consistency in the quality they supply.


  Sometimes your crown is nice, sometimes it's like something that sticks to a blanket really well. Often jobs are misplaced, and end up being late.


  2) The other sort of lab is smaller; I like to call these “bespoke” labs. These labs have a small highly trained team of in house technicians, and are generally owned by a technician. The bespoke labs offer a really individual service, and they get to know all of your likes and dislikes.


  I own a bespoke lab, and I would like to invite you to send your crown and bridge work to me.


  I have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of crown work, and specifically in all ceramic restorations, such as E.Max and Zirconia. These are all made in-house to the highest possible standard using quality materials.


  I also provide high end implant-borne restorations, from single cement retained crowns through to complex screw retained bars. My latest Cad/Cam technology also means that I can make custom titanium abutments and bridges, in house, at a very competitive price. Most implant manufacturers are supported including:


  Ankylos | Astra | Biohorizon | Bredent Sky | Dentium | Nobel | Biocare | Zimmer


  Precision attachment cases are also a house speciality, from the simplest slide attachment to complex chrome/cobalt combination cases; I have the experience to provide predictable outcomes.


  "I have worked with Adam for more years than I care to remember. He is the first technician I have found who I felt confident would 99.9% of the time construct a one stage post crown which would fit and not have to be remade.


  He recently introduced me to Zirconia crowns which has revolutionised my crown & bridge. Very easy to fit, patients love the aesthetics and the feel. A happy patient leads to a happy Dentist!"

  Dr Michael Solan, M J Solan and Associates, Nantwich.


  I’m so confident that I will deliver exactly what you want, and when you need it, that I will guarantee it will be delivered on time, or you get it free. Furthermore, all of our work carries a five-year guarantee against defects. Yes, really, a five-year guarantee.


  I offer a seven working day turnaround (in most cases) or express service (by prior arrangement), and have a local delivery and collection service, or freepost service available.


  I believe that success in the chair is forged through close ties with the laboratory. The majority of the dentists I work for have been customers for at least fifteen years, the hardcore ones have been sending me their work for well over twenty years.  


  “The close working relationship I have with Adam at ABC Dental Laboratory is invaluable to me. Especially as I am able to speak directly to him on any restoration. The quality and service is second to none”  

  Dr Mark Emms, Priors Dental Practice, Penkridge.





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